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An Update on ME!

Hi guys!

So this is a bit different than my usual post – I usually only post reviews but I have been quite absent lately and I thought I should briefly explain why.

Tragically my younger sister’s fiancé passed away, leaving behind her and their two beautiful young children. It was a huge shock to my family and I and we have been rallying behind my sister to help her in any way we can as well as dealing with our own grief and anger.

I just wanted to explain why I have been absent and my lack of posts & reviews.

My lovely followers who have stuck by me in my absence – thank you – your support means the world!

And to the incredible publishers who I reached out to and advised what was happening – thank you for bearing with me during an incredibly difficult time and for sticking by me.

I am looking forward to getting back into reading and reviewing and telling you all my thoughts on the latest releases!

SJ - thebooktweeter xx

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