• Mary Watson

The Wren Hunt


  • Publication Date: 01/03/2018

  • Bloomsbury Australia

  • RRP: $14.99

Every Christmas, Wren is chased through the woods near her isolated village by her family's enemies—the Judges—and there’s nothing that she can do to stop it. Once her people, the Augurs, controlled a powerful magic. But now that power lies with the Judges, who are set on destroying her kind for good.

In a desperate bid to save her family, Wren takes a dangerous undercover assignment—as an intern to an influential Judge named Cassa Harkness. Cassa has spent her life researching a transformative spell, which could bring the war between the factions to its absolute end. Caught in a web of deceit, Wren must decide whether or not to gamble on the spell and seal the Augurs’ fate.


I received an ARC of this book from Bloomsbury Publishing in excahnge for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I have to admit I was a little scared to start The Wren Hunt – being chased through the forest by a bunch of guys as a “game” was terrifying to me haha. I am a complete chicken; I cannot do scary.

However, thank goodness – it wasn’t as terrifying as I had imagined it was going to be.

The synopsis of this novel is not wrong when it says there is a web of deceit – it was spun so well, I found myself almost guessing what was going to happen, but still quite surprised when the turn of events and revelations occurred. You honestly don’t know who to trust throughout the whole novel – you literally cannot trust ANYONE, not even those who raised you – the ones you call family.

I found the characters personalities quite broad – everyone had their own little personality or quirkiness. I found some of the characters a little disturbing and I swear they would quite literally stab you in the back without a second thought.

I particularly liked the main protagonist Wren, I just felt quite drawn to her. She is strong but she also has her weaknesses – she wasn’t this perfect character. She is a little awkward in my opinion and that made her more endearing to me.

And of course we have romance in the novel – I was swooning over it to be honest. I just need some romance in a book – whether it’s teen angst or not haha. I’m still crushing on Tarc and probably will for a while. It is and isn’t a slow burn – it’s definitely not insta love in my opinion though.

I have to talk about the magic! It was unique in terms of the different types of gifts the characters could have but also a little ‘old school magic’ in terms of the rituals that took place. The magic and war between the Augurs and Judges is unlike anything I have read before. Magic is so crucial to the novel – it’s what started the war between the two ancient magics and is the main focus throughout the whole novel.

The Wren Hunt ended up being quite different altogether in regards to my original expectations. The book is quite slow (aside from the whole scary woods and being chased incident), It takes it’s time and by the end of the novel I was quite pleased with the plot and how it played out. The Wren Hunt takes it’s time filling you in on the background between the Augurs and Judges, the magic, the old ways. It doesn’t info dump on you at any point throughout the novel.

I haven’t heard any news on whether this is a duology or series but I am really hoping there will be a second book – the ending has definitely been left open for more.

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