• Alex R. Kahler


3.5/5 STARS

Magic is risen.

When magic returned to the world, it could have saved humanity, but greed and thirst for power caused mankind's downfall instead. Now once-human monsters called Howls prowl abandoned streets, their hunger guided by corrupt necromancers and the all-powerful Kin. Only Hunters have the power to fight back in the unending war, using the same magic that ended civilization in the first place.

But they are losing.

Tenn is a Hunter, resigned to fight even though hope is nearly lost. When he is singled out by a seductive Kin named Tomás and the enigmatic Hunter Jarrett, Tenn realizes he's become a pawn in a bigger game. One that could turn the tides of war. But if his mutinous magic and wayward heart get in the way, his power might not be used in favor of mankind.

If Tenn fails to play his part, it could cost him his friends, his life…and the entire world.


I received an ARC of this novel from Harlequin Australia in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are my own.

I really wanted to love this book, it had been hyped up to be the next big fantasy series, with a LGQBTI+ rep as well - I was completely sold. I didn’t dislike it, I didn’t love it – I just liked it.

The unique world Kahler has created is fascinating, however it is delivered in my opinion quite messily – which leaves the reader frustrated with the book. There is a lot to this world that Kehler has created, from the world itself (it's kind of post-apocalyptic like Earth but post-apocalyptic because of Magic and Necromancers) to the magic, the rules of the magic, gods and the creatures/beings that roam in it.

There was a lot of information that just wasn’t put across in the right way because there is literally so much to learn of this world.

I found a few things were briefly brushed upon, but given that this is a series, I am sure that we will learn more about those things in the coming books.

I honestly didn’t really enjoy the main character Tenn, he was increasingly frustrating, immature and ill tempered. You know why he is like this as you read the novel but it didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes and wishing he would just stop and use his brain for a moment.

I really enjoyed the side characters quite a bit, especially the twins. I find them quite fascinating and I look forward to learning more about them in the coming novels.

I am completely living for the LGQBTI+ rep in this novel though. It’s so bloody good to read a YA Fantasy Novel with LGQBTI+ rep.

Plot wise, the book did have a relatively good plot – but I found it was quite dragging. However, this is the first novel in a series so it is painting quite a bigger picture.

The book and the events that occurred within it interested me, and I am looking forward to reading book two and seeing where it takes the characters next.

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