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Born to a were mother and a vampire father, Aria Ash is the perfect blend of two races, and in their world, that's a death sentence. Hunted for as long as she can remember, she now hides in plain sight in the city of Skarva, and will do anything to keep her secret safe.

Sebastian Talien is an alpha were with a troubled past. Ever since his pack went rogue and tried to kill three innocent pups, he's been dedicated to recuing children in need. Now and invitation has him heading to Skarva, to help a child he thought he'd failed...


Ashes is a novella from Amanda Pillar’s Graced series and is a part of the Venom & Vampires: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection.

Having read all of Pillar’s Graced novels and novellas so far, I found myself easily slipping into the intriguing world she has created. A place full of vampires, werewolves, humans, and the Graced; humans with special abilities such as telepathy, empathy and telekinesis. The Graced are a secret society known only to themselves and a few outsiders.

Ashes follows Aria Ash, a vampire-werewolf hybrid with a traumatic past hiding out in the city of Skarva, at her father’s estate. I like Aria, she was fun, vibrant – a little impulsive at times, and also very sneaky spying on the people within the town!

The book also follows Sebastian, Aria’s ex-Alpha who has been searching for her for a very long time after the tragic events that occurred at the beginning of the story.

Being a novella, I didn’t have too many expectations on the plot line, however, Pillar managed to create an intriguing storyline that kept me thoroughly immersed in the story. The one thing I was saddened with was the length! I could have easily read more.

The characters are all so fascinating and the events that occurred felt too quick, which I understand as it is a novella, but I am hoping Pillar will proceed with creating another novella or even a novel for these characters, especially after the events that occurred at the end of the story *cough*.I want more of the Duke of Ashes and Naomi!

The thing that I love the most about Pillar’s Graced series is that all the books are intertwined. Whether it is through mentions or appearances by characters from the other books or the towns where events occur. It brings a sense of familiarity to reader and you automatically slip into a feeling of comfort when reading Pillar’s novels, because you know the book/short story/novella is going to be amazing.

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