• Victoria Aveyard

King's Cage


In this breathless third instalment to Victoria Aveyard’s bestselling Red Queen series, allegiances are tested on every side. And when the Lightning Girl's spark is gone, who will light the way for the rebellion?

Mare Barrow is a prisoner, powerless without her lightning, tormented by her lethal mistakes. She lives at the mercy of a boy she once loved, a boy made of lies and betrayal. Now a king, Maven Calore continues weaving his dead mother's web in an attempt to maintain control over his country—and his prisoner.

As Mare bears the weight of Silent Stone in the palace, her once-ragtag band of newbloods and Reds continue organizing, training, and expanding. They prepare for war, no longer able to linger in the shadows. And Cal, the exiled prince with his own claim on Mare's heart, will stop at nothing to bring her back.

When blood turns on blood, and ability on ability, there may be no one left to put out the fire—leaving Norta as Mare knows it to burn all the way down.


I’m not going to write a long and lengthy review on this novel, because while I loved it in the end, I was also disappointed in it. I was bored on and off throughout this book: it dragged in places, and I couldn’t resonate with the main protagonist Mare, despite loving her in the first two books (albeit she was a bit of a mole in Glass Sword – book #2). I think part of my disappoint was due to the book being one of my most anticipated reads of 2017, and I hyped it up too much, especially after how Glass Sword ended.

Although, thankfully, the end of the novel really picked up, and seeing multiple POVs from side characters was actually a benefit. I particularly enjoyed Evangeline’s POV chapters. Evangeline was a returning character, and is largely misunderstood. She surprised me at multiple points, and I even found myself empathising with her. I – along with many other readers – will enjoy reading more of her in the next instalment.

Iris was another character who intrigued me, and she was a new addition to the series. While we didn’t have any POV chapters with her, Aveyard wrote her into the novel in such a way that it has piqued my interest in her immensely. I feel she will be a force to be reckoned with.

I won’t say anything else regarding the other characters; they were good, but just didn’t pique my interest enough to discuss further. I do hope this will change in the next instalment.

As for the plot, it was good, but as I said before, it dragged. Overall, there was a good storyline, but I found myself putting the novel down and not fussing over picking it up again, right up until the end, which had me addicted. I knew things would finish badly and leave me heartbroken, and they did. The other two books in the series ended just the same, leaving me picking up the pieces and waiting for the next instalment.

So be strong – while the story can be a hard slog, the ending and POV chapters are worth it. I now look forward to the fourth and final book in this series – be kind to my heart Aveyard… please!

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