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“Billie Young is a city guard from Pinton with a troubled past – she was kidnapped, tortured and almost murdered by vampires. Though she managed to survive her attack, it’s left her scarred and damaged. Now, she wants revenge.

Vere Radcliffe is a vampire spy who answers directly to the king. Recently returned to the city, he’s stuck living with his family – a fate almost worse than death. But trouble is brewing in the streets of Pinton, and Vere is asked to investigate the abduction of a city guard and the murder of several other humans.

Can Vere and Billie work together to find the killers, before it’s too late?”


YA fans rejoice!

Pillar once again has written an enthralling novella within the 'Graced' series.

Romance, murder, spies and politics collide in this supernatural world that Pillar has crafted so perfectly.

Our main protagonist is Billie; a human city guard who is impacted in her day to day life by her permanent injuries resulting from her kidnapping and attempted murder. However, she is not a cripple who is reliant on those around her. Billie is a strong resilient character and it is refreshing that Pillar does not portray her as a damsel in distress.

We then meet our second protagonist Vere, a high born vampire who also happens to be a spy for the King Johan, also a vampire. Vere is an intriguing character and the reader is instantly smitten with him.

Although this book is only the length of a novella, Vere's courting of Billie does not feel rushed and the reader is left satisfied with the pace of the romance.

Vere's life as a spy is not discussed in detail throughout the novella, however, this provides further opportunity for Pillar to create a prequel novella on this character.

The plot continues at a steady pace throughout ensuring the reader turns page after page with anticipation.

Readers will be left wanting more long after they have turned the final page.

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